Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Tutorial - getting started

one step at a time I'll start with the basics. It's wonderfully simple..

Any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.. and to answer some of the questions already emailed to me;

We need this project to have a specific colour palette so that it looks cohesive and works as a whole - an amazing continuous piece which you will see hung in Bournemouth Gardens (UK) in the Autumn.

OK - so I personally like to start with a hot cuppa and a big old bowl of wool/yarn.

Then I move onto my cardboard circles. You will need 2 per pom-pom.

These are the size I've used for my smallest pom-poms. If you want them bigger, just photocopy them larger. I recycle cereal packets and any cardboard packaging that's lying around. For very big pom-pom's, thicker packaging card or 3 or more circles is stronger.

The outside measurement here is 5 inches (@ 13cms)

The inside circle here is just over 1.5 inches (@4.5cms)

The bigger your hole, the more dense and meaty your pom-pom. The small circle will give you a loose shaggy one.

And now you're ready to go.

see the flickr group over here for some finished pom-poms...